Diarylethenes Papers 2021. May. 14.

Reentrant Photoinduced Morphological Transformation and Temperature-Dependent Kinetic Products of a Rectangular-Shaped Amphiphilic Diarylethene Assembly


Yasunobu Kotani 1, Haruka Yasuda 1, Kenji Higashiguchi 1, Kenji Matsuda 2

DOI: 10.1002/chem.202101127

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Diarylethenes Papers 2021. Apr. 28.

Photoresponsive Binding Dynamics in High-Affinity Cucurbit[8]uril-Dithienylethene Host-Guest Complexes


Nuno Basílio 1Miriam Colaço 2Patrícia Máximo 3A Jorge Parola 2

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OLED Papers 2021. Apr. 19

Multifunctional Materials Serving as Efficient Non-Doped Violet-Blue Emitters and Host Materials for Phosphorescence


Qing-Xiao Tong 1Shan-Shun Tang 2Guo-Xi Yang 2Jie-Ji Zhu 2Xin He 2Jing-Xin Jian 2Feng Lu 2

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Diarylethenes Papers 2020. Mar. 27.

Catalytic light-triggered reduction promoted by a dithienylethene derivative.

Chemistry. 2020 Mar 27;:

Authors: Cobo S, Khettabi A, Grempka A, Lafolet F, Chatir E, Leconte N, Collomb MN, Jouvenot D

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Diarylethenes Papers 2020. Mar. 17.

Mechanistic Insights into the Triplet Sensitized Photochromism of Diarylethenes.

Chemistry. 2020 Mar 17;:

Authors: Fredrich S, Morack T, Sliwa M, Hecht S

DOI: 10.1002/chem.202000877

Who Fredrich S, Morack T, Sliwa M, Hecht S
When 2020 Mar. 17
Where Chemistry;GERMANY
WhatTwo diarylethene photoswitches bearing biacetyl triplet sensitizers
WhyOperating photoswitchable molecules repetitively and reliably is crucial for most of their applications.
How This were investigated using both stationary as well as transient UV/vis absorption spectroscopy ranging from the femtosecond to the microsecond time scale.