OLED Papers 2021. Apr. 25

A New Conjugated Polymer that Enables the Integration of Photovoltaic and Light-Emitting Functions in One Device

Adv Mater

Ye Xu 1 2Yong Cui 1Huifeng Yao 1Tao Zhang 1 2Jianqi Zhang 3Lijiao Ma 1 2Jingwen Wang 1 2Zhixiang Wei 3Jianhui Hou 1 2

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OLED Papers 2021. Apr. 25.

Effects of MEH-PPV Molecular Ordering in the Emitting Layer on the Luminescence Efficiency of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


Seok Je Lee 1 2Jun Li 2Seung Il Lee 1Chang-Bum Moon 3Woo Young Kim 1Jin Cao 2Chul Gyu Jhun 1 2

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